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Site History of Sturmzeit.net:

04-22-07: Added lyrics for "The Leaders Daughter". Special thanks to Alex (Tauros) for the lyrics!

02-25-07: Massive update! Added lots of Forthcoming Fire lyrics for "Brave New Sunday", the bonus track off "Watching Rome Burn", "Der König der letzten Tage", "Der Unbesiegte Sonnengott" and "Die Sonne so finster". A thanks to Nils for these lyrics. Added Jenseits Aller Welt Und Zeit and Neue Lieder An Die Nacht to the books section. Thanks to Marcel P. for information on these books. Added the Coldspring calender to the Propaganda section. Updated the news.

12-18-06: Added lyrics for "Pleasure Whip" and "Such Nicht Nach Neuen Ufern".

12-12-06: Added lyrics to "Raise Your Wings Like Fire (German Version)" and "M/1" to the Forthcoming Fire lyrics section. Added Neo Form II sampler to the discography and updated the news regarding this release.

12-09-06: Added picture for Credo In Unum Deum. Added additional tracklisting for the bonus CD-r for Mutter Der Schmerzen.

12-07-06: Added Vaws Vol. IV to the compilation discography. Updated the news in regards to this release. Added "lyrics" (meaning instrumental) to The Days of the Trumpet Call song "The Pilgrim".

11-27-06: Added more information and the missing tracks for the Nightengale Compilation II.

11-23-06: Added bonus tracklisting for Illumination?.

11-18-06: Updated the news. Added Credi In Unum Deum" to the compilation discography.

11-16-06: Added partial Pruessak lyrics for "The German Beat" and "Vorwärts, Zurück Zur Literatur". Added my best guess for the lyrics of "Mutter Der Schmerzen".

11-12-06: Added Der Waldganger to the compilation section. Added some Pruessak lyrics (ok, so I just linked them to Von Thronstahl lyrics). Added lyrics for "New Age of Total Beat".

11-11-06: Added The Gothic Grimoire to the compilation discography. Added tracklisting to Mutter Der Schmerzen. Added lyrics for "Runes and Men". Added partial lyrics and more information on the song "The Musicians of our Time".

10-17-06: LOTS of updates. The news section has been heavily, HEAVILY updated with releases and concert appearances. The Von Thronstahl discography has been updated with the new MCD. The links section has been slightly uppdated, revied the entry for the official Von Thronstahl website and added a link for Nazi UFO Commander.

08-25-06: Added a link to Changes in the links section.

08-19-06: Added a link to Waldteufel in the links section.

08-07-06: Updated the news section in regards to the release date of Credo In Unum Deum. Added more information to the "New Alternatives II" compilation (year, cat #). Added the Noisegate Comp. Vol 1. - Rhein/Nahe compilation to the discography (Thanks to Marcel P. for this info!). (older updates)

07-16-06: Added "instrumental" lyrics for the The Days of the Trumpet Call song "Laeuterung". Revised compilation discgrophy for Unternehmen Dreizack. Revised the lyrics/discography for Halgadom to fit the standards of the rest of the website. Added Mia Runa to the compilation section. (older updates)

07-09-06: Added cover art for the special edition of Defend the Palace - Worms A.D. MCLXXXIV. Updated the news and discgraphy in regards to the re-release of Etwas Kommt In Deine Welt. Updated Circle of Sig-Tiu discography.

06-28-06: Added the Gothic Compilation Part 3 to the compilation discography.

06-26-06: Added the compilation Off Road Tracks Vol. 13 to the compilation discography. Did a complete overhaul on the code for the Unternehemen Dreizack sections. Also added a bio for Unternehemen Dreizack.

06-25-06: Added cover art for Sometimes Silence is an Answer.

06-24-06: Added lyrics for "Furor ... Execution, Suicide, or Whatever It Was" by Forthcoming Fire and "New Drugs" by Unternehmen Dreizack.

06-21-06: Updated the compilation discographies for the Salon Decadence compilation and updated the new to reflect this release. Added lyrics for "In Deckung!" by Megalith.

06-10-06: Updated the compilation discographies for the new VAWS Vol. 3 sampler. Updated the news section regarding this release.

04-18-06: Updated the news and links site in regards to the Forthcoming Fire MySpace account and pending Forthcoming Fire release.

03-28-06: Added Ritual Romanum to the compilation discography and updated the new reflecting this release.

02-27-06: Added lyrics for "The World is One".

02-23-06: Added the Judas Kiss compilation to the discography. Added a complete tracklisting for the Preussak Werkschau album. Updated news.

01-25-06: Added Wellenreiter In Schwarz vol. 3 to the compilation discography.

01-12-06: Actual content! The Weissglut biography is up! Check it out under "Information". Almost done with a... are you ready? Von Thronstahl biography! No really, I kid you not!

01-09-06: Added the Georg Kolbe tribute CD to the discography. Updated the image for Illumination? since the previous copy looked terrible. Updated the news regarding the extreme Christian sampler Credo In Unum Deum.

01-06-06: Kaskaduere Vol 1 has been added to the compilationn discography.

12-22-05: "Fairtower [FFM]", "Lovice", and "I Will Walk You Home" lyrics added to the discography. Reworked the lyrics for "Longing for Light".

12-21-05: "Flames", "Into the Maze", and "Dark Fraternity" lyrics and Sometimes Silence is an Answer added to the discography.

12-19-05: "Curfew / Stay In Your Homes" lyrics added to the discography. Updated glossary and links.

11-30-05: "Das Neue Reich" lyrics added to the discography. Thank you Cornelius!

11-28-05: Hello all! A picture section will be comming soon, my girlfreind took LOTS of pictures at the Coldspring Festival concert on the 12th this month. It was such an amazing time. So look for my concert perspectus (with pictures) soon. The lyric for "Fahnenträger" have bene updated with corrections - thank you Cornelius of Sagittarius. The vinyl Instruo Vestri Pro Pugna! has been added to the discography.

10-20-05: Added the Pruessak album Werkschau and the Swarm compilation to the discography and updated the news with more information for these releases. Added Black Rain Compilation 2 to the discography.

10-06-05: Added Defend the Palace to the compilation section. This month is the one year anniversary of sturmzeit.net.

09-15-05: Added lyrics to the Von Thronstahl song "Brechen Muss Der Schwarze Bann".

09-01-05: Added the new Forthcoming Fire single, Siberian Summer to the discography. Added a picture for the New Alternatives 2 compilation. Added another handbill to the Propaganda section.

07-07-05: Added the Preussak track info to the Vaws Vol. 2 compilation, and updated the discographies accordingly.

06-29-05: Added lyrics for the Megalith song "Martyrium". Added more sample information for the The Days of the Trumpet Call track "Satan's Trick". Added pictures for the Nightengale and Vaws Vol. II compilations.

06-12-05: On Friday the Neo-Form forums released an online sampler containing many exlcusive songs from a variety of artists in the scene, such as Rose Rovine E Amanti, Belborn, and even Von Thronstahl. This web-only release has been added to the compliation section.

06-08-05: Added the tape compilation Kill For Peace to the discography as well as another picture for the Prezent! compilation.

06-01-05: Updated the lyrics section with Megalith songs "Back Into the Shadows", "Der Weg Zum Licht", and "The Revolutionary". The news has been updated with the release of the Vaws Vol. 2 compilation. Added more entries related to Megalith to the glossary.

05-22-05: Added better pictures to Illumination and a picture for the Neuro Style compilation. Both of these were not taken from ebay auctions *wink*. Added a section in the discography with pictures of postcards/fliers/etc. that promote the bands.

05-21-05: Added better pictures to the Sinister Delight complilation. Also re-worked the discography section a little bit. Instead of all the bands sharing just one compilations page, you now have not only a giant list of all the compilations, but also each band has their own compilation discography that shows all the samplers/compilations that they appear on.

05-19-05: I missed Star Wars today. But the good news is more lyrics! Nils W. has provided lyrics for the Forthcoming Fire song "Brennen soll Arkadien.

05-18-05: Added lyrics for the The Days of the Trumpet Song "..I Saw No Temple in the City". Seeing how thats an instrumental, it was fairly easy to do.

05-17-05: Completed the lyrics for "Pontifex Solis" and added lyrics for "In Flammen (Born in Flames). Thanks again Nils W.

05-16-05: Completed the lyrics for "Wider Die Masse". Thank you Nils W. for the lyrics!

05-11-05: Sturmzeit.net has it's own server now. Old bookmarks may not work anymore, just be wary. However the url sturmzeit.net will always point you to the correct site. The Lizard King, a Jim Morrison tribute album has been added to the compilation section. Glossary updated with entry for Mathias Mertens.

05-10-05: Added lyrics for "Fahnenträger".

04-17-05: Added lyrics for "Satan's Trick" and "Honour".

04-14-05: Added lyrics for "Politcally Incorrect" & "Rede des toten Christus" for Megalith.

04-06-05: Added more information on CIC, G Dorn, Tony, and Ricci Catere in the glossary. Added more complete lyrics for the song "My Enemies".

03-29-05: Added some lyrics to the song "Victoria II".

03-06-05: Added a download for a Von Thronstahl desktop wallpaper in the resources section. Added one entry to the glossary for CIC. Added lyrics for "Germania Incognita" and "The Termites Pride". The section for A Challenege of Honour is back!

02-17-05: Added contact infomation for Carpe Noctem, who is taking pre-orders for the new Split cd. This info is located in the resources secton. Added lyrics for "Return your Revolt Into Style"

02-12-05: Added lyrics for "Sun Child", "Erde, Feuer, Wind, und Wasser", and "Riders on the Storm" to the Forthcoming Fire lyrics section. Updated the glossary. Added another really bad picture of Ekhnaton.

02-08-05: Draft number one of a biography for Circle of Sig-tiu is up. More revisions to come for it.

01-31-05: Added more entries in the glossary. Added the Megalith page to the links section.

01-30-05: Added lyrics for "Noch Blueht Im Geist Verborgen". Updated the news and discography section with more information about the Sturmgewitter split CD.

01-23-05: Added a section in the discography for Megalith and Stonehenge, bands of Carl L.

01-20-05: Coverart has been added for Prezent!.

01-19-05: Coverart has been added for Sturmgewitter Ziehn Durchs Land. News updated to reflect the release date of the Prezent! compilation.

01-10-05: News has been updated concerning the 4-way split CD Sturmgewitter, and the compilation discography has been updated to reflect this. More chatting at the Von Thronstahl Yahoo! group has led to a page being created for the song "Victoria II".

01-04-05: Thaglasz #6 and Sinister Delight has been added to the compilation discography. Corrected Tracklisting for Longing for Light. Due to the recent dicussion at the Von Thronstahl Yahoo! group, information (no lyrics yet) have been added for the song "Fahnenträger". Added more CD links for the song "Heimaterde Mutterboden Vaterland" and "Youth on Fire". Added a picture for the compilation Undercover Vol. 1.

12-25-04: Season's greetings. The news has been updated with information about the Von Thronstahl re-releases.

12-18-04: Updated the news regarding the upcomming 4-way split CD and also the Fasc-Nation patches. Added lyrics for "The Whole Great World in Flames" and "The Death of the Trumpet".

12-17-04: Updated the picture to the Statement 1961 compilation. Added lyrics to "The Promise" and "Awakening". Changed the lyrics for TDotTC to the same format at the other bands here at the site.

12-09-04: Despite that they have no lyrics, added "A Dream", "Prayer", and "Mourning Song" to the TDotTC lyrics section.

12-08-04: Added lyrics for The Days of the Trumpet Song "Pure Northern Light". This lyrics section will soon be modified like the other sections also.

12-07-04: Changed the Forthcoming Fire lyrics section to mirror the setup of the VT/WG/etc lyrics sections. Updated the news regarded the 4-way split CD and also added it to the compilation discography.

12-03-04: Added From Nowhere to Nothing, Za Dom Spremni, Notre Domicile Est L'Europe, Security of Ignorance, and Der Waldgaenger to the compilation section. Added a catalog # for the Leni Riefenstahl - 100 compilation.

12-01-04: Updated the news regarding current and forthcoming releases.

11-30-04: Updated news section regarding the Prezent! sampler, and added this to this compilation discography. Added picture for the compilation German Mystic Sound Sampler Vol. 6.

11-19-04: Tomarrow's the big Laibach concert for me, I'll post pics if I can get some. Anywho, pictures have been put up for German Mystic Sound Sampler vol III, We Came to Dance Vol. 1 and Vol. 3, and From Hypnotic. Added another version of the Unschuldsengel single to the Weissglut discography.

11-17-04: Updated information on Allerseelen's Flamme album. Added info about Etwas Kommt Deine Welt being released in Vinyl form. Added Ahnenland (the Halgadom split CD) to the compilation section. Added a graphic for Circle Of Sig-Tiu's Signs of Time and We come with love but not for peace.

11-13-04: Linked a compilation in the discography section to the appropriate lyrics ("Youth On Fire" for the We Came to Dance Vol. 1 cd). Added a Pruessak lyrics section much like what was done for Von Thronstahl and Weissglut. Though no lyrics are up yet, the Pruessak discography is so small, I felt this was neccessary to see what cds contain Pruessak songs. Added the Allerseelen album Flamme to the collaborations discography page and a link to their webpage in the Glossary. Updated news addressing the Coldspring re-releases.

11-09-04: Added a picture for the compilation Stars, Hide your Fires and Electrocity vol 5 that I swear I did not just steal off an Ebay auction [wink]. Marcel sent me lots of pictures of vinyls, so: the Preussak discography has been updated with pictures of Liebe Tanz und Tod. The Jay Kay disco has been updated with pics of And All Your Glamour Will Turn to Dust.

11-05-04: Added the compilations Wie Lange Noch, Kulturschock Attack2 1 and 2, and Bunker Music, (all comps. that Circle of Sig-Tiu appear on), to the discography.

11-03-04: Major revision to the Von Thronstahl & Weissglut lyrics section. Instead of one page with all the lyrics, it has been divided up so each song has its own lyrics page. This makes it easier to see what song comes from what CD. This only applied to Von Thronstahl & Weissglut lyrics. Forthcoming Fire, Halgadom, etc. will be done in this fashion later.

10-31-04: Happy Halloween. The entry for Hugh Cornwell in the glossary has been updated. A Challenge of Honour discography was in error and has been removed and replaced with a correct discography of Materialschlacht. The news has been updated with news about new sampler appearances.

10-30-04: Added 12 (most are pictureless as of now) compilations to the discography section.

10-28-04: First attempt at translation of Lutchinushka (the Russian song on the split CD) is up - the translation of the lyrics are not yet refined, but you will get the idea of what the song is about.

10-27-04: Revised the glossary, updated information on the Statement 1961 and Thorak compilations. Change an error in pictures - added a (temporary) biography for The Days of the Trumpet Call. Updated Von Thronstahl lyrics with some more partial lyrics and sample info. Added a discography section for the band A Challenge of Honour.

10-26-04: Added the Breker, The Sounds of New Hope, and Statement 1961 compilations to the discography.

10-25-04: Added pictures and lyrics for the Forthcoming Fire CD Longing for Light. Added pictures and tracklistings for the Weissglut CDs Unschuldsengel and their selftitled release. Updated the news regarding the re-releases. Update the glossary with revised and new entries. Added Halgadom Lyrics and a link to their official website on the links page. Added the compilations Ghostriders of German Gothic vol. 1 to the discography section. Merged the Lyrics section with another section.

10-22-04: Added a "Site History" section.

10-21-04: Added VAWS - Vol. 1 to the compilation discography.

10-20-04: Added Leni Riefenstahl - 100 - Geliebt, Verfolgt Und Unvergessen to the compilation section. Fixed the name on the Russian split CD to display the song name in russian characters. News updated to reflect Von Thronstahl's contribution to the new Ironflame sampler.

10-19-04: Added tracks in the Weissglut disco section, updated lyrics accordingly. Ditched compilation lyrics section, and merged the remainders into the VT and the TDotTC lyrics sections.