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Von Thronstahl
    Sacrificare - Fasci-nation vers. Out Now!
    Sacrificare - Coldspring vers. soon!
    "The Liberating Spirit" collaboration with HERR for sampler Tribute To Einar Jonsson - Soon

    Sturmwoge - out now!

    Contribution for sampler Neo Form II - Out now!

Forthcoming Fire
    Contribution for sampler VAWS Vol. IV - Winter 2007
    Untitled 2 CD/DVD set - Spring 2007

Circle of Sig-tui
    Compilation album Testamentum - Out soon.

  H E R A L D S

05-12-2007 -

If you blinked and missed it, the limited edition 500 copies of Sacrificare came and gone. Fret not, Coldspring will be releasing a cheaper digipack version of it. Also, Von Thronstahl will be appearing live with Rose Rovine E Amanti June 30th at El Juflar, Madrid in Spain. Space is limited to 100 lucky persons!

02-25-2007 -

Last month Coldspring released a poster/calender for 2007 with pictures of all the bands who planned releases on the roster. Some of the great bands shown are H.E.R.R., Rose Rovine E Amanti, Sagitarius, and of course, Von Thronstahl. The Forthcoming Fire myspace site lists their double release for Spring 2007.

12-12-2006 -

Neo-form.de has released another online sampler. Following the success of Neo Form I of last year, this year's release contains tracks completely exclusive to this online release. Some really great bands appear, such as Allerseelen, Der Feuerkreiner, and Beloveed & Reborn, but the one track to take note of is the Megalith track. Expecting to be a metal song, the track presented is instead a neo-classical version of their song "Der Weg Zum Licht", with lyrics! Download the sampler at neo-form.de and spread it around!

12-06-2006 -

The VAWS label is releasing another compilation CD aptly called VAWS Vol. IV. There is no official release date yet (sometime in 2006), and no tracklisting, but the VAWS website proclaims an exclusive Forthcoming Fire contribution will be on the CD.

11-18-2006 -

The new Rose Rovine E Amanti newsletter was just sent out indicating that Credo In Unum Deum has just been released. Ordering information was available in the newsletter, but also at trinitas-music.com/.

10-17-2006 -

LOTS of news!

Firstly, the Von Thronstahl website is back online. Lots of new essays and small updates there. A new Von Thronstahl 5 Track CD Mutter Der Schmerzen has been released. This marks the first pure solo Von Thronstahl release since Bellum, Sacrum Bellum?! back in 2003. Also to be released soon in a limited batch of 500 is Sacrificare, a pure neofolk Von Thronstahl release. Another release of note is the new HERR album Vondel's Lucifer - First Movement. Marcel is credited on the release for recording the flutes from Sagittarius. Marcel's band Halgadon are also working on a new album called Sturmwoge.

Secondly on Decemeber 2nd in London Coldspring is having a concert with Sol Invictus with Andrew King and Rose Rovine E Amanti. Josef K. will be appearing live with Rose Rovine E Amanti and Dennis P. will also make a guest appearance. The concert is Decemeber 2nd at the Water Rats Theatre in London. More information can be found here

08-07-2006 -

The new Rose Rovine E Amanti CD has been released by Coldspring. Josef K. makes a few vocal appearances on this album with some lyical contribution by Marcel P. According to the new Rose Rovine E Newsletter, the Credo In Unum Deum sampler will be released in September.

07-06-2006 -

The VAWS label has released a re-issue of the Weissglut album Etwas Kommt In Deine Welt. The album was previously release by Sony. I do not know if there are any differences in artwork or quality, but please let me know if there are any.

06-21-2006 -

I just received my copy of Salon Decadence put out by Neo Form today. I had originally purchased the split album because it had new works by Sagittarious on it, a band I really love. I was completely oblvious to the fact that Rose Rovine E amanti also appeared on this split CD (I assumed the two bands only performed together!). So I was stunned when I released Damiano's project was on the CD. Further surprising was that one of the tracks is taken from the upcoming Rose Rovine E Amanti CD which feature's Josef K. It should be noted that the split CD has a very incorrect track listing. However the 3 tracks by Sagittarious and Rose Rovine E Amanti and the lovely artworks by Alphonse Mucha ("Study for the Morning Star" to be exact) make the split release a very lovely release.

06-10-2006 -

The controversial German label VAWS continues to release more Josef K. related music. A new VAWS sampler has been released that contains the Pruessak track "New Age of Total Beat (Rmx)" which is probably the same version as the one on the Werkschau album. Also, VAWS is attempting to release a collection of Circle of Sig-tui tracks, the punk band that Josef K. and Raymond P. played in back in the 80ies. VAWS is taking preorders for the item now.

The Rose Rovine E Amanti album being released from Coldspring has hit delays. The item is expected to be released this Month.

04-18-2006 -

Although no real website of Forthcoming Fire exists (sturmzeit.net tries to fill that gap), Burn of Forthcoming Fire has set up an official Forthcoming Fire MySpace account. The account has a few Forthcoming Fire songs available to listen to as well as news. There are plans to release a 2 CD/DVD set later this year and the band wants their fans to participate. They are taking remix submissions of their songs and the best ones will be featured on the release. Check the Forthcoming Fire Myspace for more information on how to submit. Also setup is an account at last.fm were you can listen to all the Forthcoming Fire songs.

03-28-2006 -

Rose Rovine E Amanti is an excellent Italian neo folk project headed by Damiano Mercuri. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Cold Spring Festival were he played a few acoustic songs after Von Thronstahl took the stage. He announced that his album would be released on Cold Spring soon, and the newest Cold Spring newsletter confirms this. The album is of note to Von Thronstahl fans due to the fact that Josef K. was involved in the production of the album while being featured as a musician on two of the tracks. Also, one of the tracks appears to be a cover of Von Thronstahl's infamous song "Adoration to Europa". Damiano made an uncredited appearance on the acoustic version of this song on the Swarm compilation. The album is expected to be released at the end of April. However, as with some Cold Spring releases (eg: Von Thronstahl re-releases), delays will probably happen.

02-23-2006 -

Lots of compilation appearances from related projects. There is a new compilation out called Judas Kiss Presents Past, Present, and Forever that showcases some of the new neofolk bands. Von Thronstahl and The Days of the Trumpet Call make appearances on it. The new double CD compilation album Swarm from Coldspring is also released. The Preussak album has also recently been released on the VAWS label.

01-09-2006 -

Trinitas Productions appears to be a new label with the sole purpose of releasing extreme Christian art. Whatever this may entail is uncertain, but a concept CD looks to be in the works. The CD will be entitled Credo In Unum Deum and will have tracks on it from both Von Thronstahl and The Days of the Trumpet Call. Other information may be found in the future at their website: trinitas-music.com/. Bewarned: eye candy is not what the website is.

10-20-2005 -

Preussak is an EBM-Electro side project of Josef K. Released from this project have been almost non-existant, with only 2 compilation appearances and a vinyl single release over 15 years ago. However this is about to be remedied since the project's first full length album is slated to be released on the VAWS label in the very near future. The release is entitled Werkshau, and it seeks to present all the material from the project spanning the past 16 years. A sample of one of the songs is downloadable at the VAWS website. The album is expected to sell for 12.50 euros. According to the VAWS website, there is also the possibility of Preussak to play at the VAWS festival next year.

In the newest issue of the bi-weekly Coldspring newsletter, it is reported that tickets for the Coldspring Anniversy concert next month are rapidly being sold out. Tickets can still be bought at the Coldspring website and also at Resurrection Records in London. Don't rely on any tickets being available at the door.

The newest compilation from Coldspring will be out soon. The release will showcase many of the different talented bands from Coldpsring, and A Challenge of Honour and Von Thronstahl both have appearances on this sampler.

09-01-2005 -

The Russian label Ewer Tonkunst has released a Forthcoming Fire single called Siberian Summer. Coldspring is still taking tickets for the upcomming Coldspring festival that is happening November 12th in London. More information can be found at the Coldspring Website. Hope to see you all there!

06-01-2005 -

The VAWS label has recently released a second compilation CD appriopriatly entitled Vaws Vol. 2. Josef K. makes appearances on the CD.

01-30-2005 -

The release date for Sturmgewitter is confirmed for February the 19th on the new Beligan label, Carpe Noctem Records. Coldspring is having a 15 year anniversary celebration festival at the end of this upcomming Summer, and Von Thronstahl is slated to play.

01-19-2005 -

Prezent! shall be out in 3 to 4 weeks. Halgadom has just completed 4 demo versions of some new folk songs.

01-10-2005 -

The Days of the Trumpet Call tracks for Sturmgewitter have been completed, and the CD has been sent to the pressing plant. The tracks added were "Satan's Trick" and "Honour (Den Gefallenen). The Von Thronstahl re-releases have already been shipped.

12-25-2004 -

Merry X-mas! After so many delays, Coldspring has officially announced that the Von Thronstahl re-releases will be out on the 5th of January. Also shipping with it to those who preordered, are copies of the Chamber compilation CD. For all you geniuses out there, this CD features both Von Thronstahl and The Days of the Trumpet Call, and also A Challenge of Honour, a band Marcel has collaborated with before.

12-17-2004 -

The artwork for the split cd Sturmgewitter has been finalized and is ready. The only thing left for the upcomming CD is The Days of the Trumpet Call tracks. Also, 50 Fasci-Nation patches have been released in extremely limited quantities. Join the Von Thronstahl Yahoo! Group (see links section) for ordering details.

12-07-2004 -

The 4 way split CD will be called Sturmgewitter Ziehn Durchs Land. The title is taken from the worlds of an old German song about the fight for freedom (circa. 1622).

12-01-2004 -

The track Von Thronstahl is contributing to the Tribute to Georg Kolbe sampler is "Mars Macht Mobil II". Another sampler is comming out soon entitled Tribute To Einar Jonsson. For this, Von Thronstahl, in collaboration with HERR, contributed the track "The Liberating Spirit".

11-30-2004 -

The latest Coldspring newsletter lists the re-release release date of being "imminent" (which is still ambigious). The full song name and version for the Prezent! compilation is "Hail The Captain And Thy Guard! (Prezent! - Version)".

11-18-2004 -

The Were Di! split CD is not longer being released by Were Di! but by the bands themselves. The official statement concerning this CD can be found here.

11-13-2004 -

The bi-weekly Coldspring (which is a week late this time) has absolutely no new information about the Von Thronstahl re-releases. No follow up to their last newsletter, stating if they even got manufactured or not. Have changed the release dates for these 2 re-releases to "who the fuck knows?".

10-31-2004 -

Von Thronstahl will be contributing a newer version of their song "Hail They Captain and Thy Guard" for a Romanian compilation called Prezent! which is dedicated to Corneliu Codreanu. This is sort of like the originial compilation that was dedicated to Corneliu Codreanu, except this version of the song will feature new samples of the Iron Guard, some guitars, new drums, and Marcel P. on vocals that will mirror the sound of recent Von Thronstahl concerts.

The Were Di! split CD has ran into some problems, and will be released as soon as possible.

Halgadom, the band Marcel P. is a member of, has just release a split CD with Frostkrieg.

10-25-2004 -

From the newest Coldspring newsletter: "Both VON THRONSTAHLs are delayed but are going into manufacture next week with problems resolved!"

10-20-2004 -

Von Thronsthal will be contributing an exclusive studio version of a track entitled "Reisswolf" to the Statement 1961 CD from Ironflame. It would come in a box set of two 7" vinyls and another one of CDs.

10-09-2004 -

According to the new bi-weely Coldspring newsletter, the re-releases of E Pluribus Unum and Imperium Internum have been pushed again - this time to "late early October" - which is a paradox on its own.

09-26-2004 -

Von Thronstahl will be appearing on a 4 way split CD along with The Days of the Trumpet Call, HERR, and Dead Man's Hill. The CD is being released by Were Di!, originally slated for September 4th release, it is now being shipped within 2 weeks. This CD is limited to 500 units.

Coldspring has once again pushed the re-releases of E Pluribus Unum and Imperium Internum, this time from a late September release to an early October release.