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Related Links:
Vonthronstahl.de - Official Von Thronstahl website.
myspace.com/inflammen - Official Forthcoming Fire MySpace blog.
The-trumpet-call.de - Official The Days of the Trumpet Call website. (offline!)
Halgadom.org - Official Halgadom website.
Megalith-online.de - Official Megalith website.
Von Thronstahl Yahoo Group - Yahoo! group that discusses VT, TDotTC, FCF, and other related projects. Sanctioned by Von Thronstahl themselves.

Other Awesome Bands::
armageddondildos.de - Official site for the German EBM pioneers Armageddon Dildos.
highfiber.com/~thermite/changes1.html - Official site for the American Neofolk band Changes.
devision-music.de - Official site for the greatest synth-pop band in the world.
naziufocommander.com - Official website for the militant-ambient project.
nun.x.wp.pl - Official site for the Polish electro band NUN.
roserovineamanti.com - Official site for the Italian neo-folk band Rose Rovine E Amanti.
sagittarius.de - Official website for the neoclassical band Sagittarius
waldteufel.net - Official website for the American neofolk band Waldteufel.

Friends and colleagues:
Stahlhammer.org - Official Stahlhammer site done by my friend Greg.
Rammsteinniccage.com - Rammstein site done by my friend, the awesome JennIFER.